Below you will find verse printables for preschool and
elementary aged children. These printables were
created to go along with the verses our kids are
studying, including sentence strips and words cards so
they can piece the verses together.

I'm adding/updating this page often with past verses
and ones that we are currently working on, so check
back often! Hope these printables help you in raising
your kids with a firm foundation on God's Word!
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We spend time each week
learning through reciting the
verses, putting together our
verse 'puzzles', and matching
words to sentence strips. We
also hang a copy in a place
where it is sure to be seen!
A simple photo book holds
our 4 x 6 verse cards and
we use a
tabletop pocket
chart for our word cards.
Don't miss these fun ABC Bible Verse Flashcard printables
{NIV}. Each card prints off 2" x 3" in size and have short
verses for your child {and you!!!} to work on together.
Read more about the ABC Bible Verse Printables here.

Many are based on songs from
Seeds Family Worship.
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Have your child illustrate a Bible verse they are
learning to better remember it! Click on the image
below to download a copy of this free printable!