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Your purchase of the Weekly Homeschool Planner is a one time transaction. If an updated version of the
planner is released, you initial purchase does not qualify you for a free copy of the revised version.  If you
have questions, please be sure to ask before buying ~ I would be happy to help you out! You can view a
sample of the planner and see how editable pages work as well.  MAC and LINUX users, please be sure to
open the document in Adobe, not your MAC viewer or other pdf viewer
. You can download a free copy of
Adobe reader here.

Thank You So Much!

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Saving the Document & Helpful Hints

When you download the planner initially, save it under a name {and in a place} where you will remember to
find it each year. For example, my blank copy is saved as: Homeschool Planner BLANK

Each year {or for each copy you would like to make per child}, click 'save as' when the document opened up in
Adobe and then save it as a different file name. File names could be as follows:

~ Homeschool Planner 5th Grade
~ Homeschool Planner 4th Grade
~ Homeschool Planner 2011-2012

This way you will have a blank planner to start with each year and you can go from there! Have fun!
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Weekly Homeschool Planner
Manage and Organize Your Homeschool Day

Tired of looking for a brand-new homeschool planner each year? What if you could buy ONE
planner, type in your plans, save them and use the same planner year after year?
What's inside this editable pdf planner?

* 138 planning pages ~ 8 1/2" x 11" sized
* 12 blank month-at-a-glance pages
* 40 weeks of weekly planning and journal sheets:
each      page can be customized to the subjects that
your            family studies and can be saved to your
* Preschool planning sheets
* Field trip/Event plan sheets
* Yearly curriculum planning sheets
* Yearly planning and evaluation sheets
* Yearly attendance tracking sheets
* Field trip/Event plan sheets
* Daily to-do lists
* Main dish menu planner
* Customizable chore charts
* Important contacts info
* Additional note space
* Standardized testing and yearly assessment
result          tracking
* Homeschooling requirement planning

Type your lesson plans into the form and print them off
or simply save them to your computer, the choice is up to
you! You can edit your plans any time and even save your
planner to your computer to have a digital copy each
year. Use the 'save as' feature in Adobe to rename the
file and you will have a digital record of your lesson plans
for years to come!

View a sample peek of the Weekly Homeschool Planner.
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The Weekly Homeschool Planner will help you organize
your school day and record your daily learning ~ year
after year. Additional forms help you keep track of testing
results, evaluations and special events. Each of the pdf
pages in the file can be typed in, edited, and saved to
your own computer every time you use it.  Personalize it
to fit your family!  
It is a homeschool planner you use
year after year.

Secure Purchase and Download

Immediately after your secure purchase at ejunkie via
Paypal, you will receive a link to download and save the
pdf planner file. You can save this file to your computer
or even print it off to use in a binder ~ the choice is yours.


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Add to Cart
Now that I have completed an entire year and can see the true value of this
planner, I’m SO happy I bought it.
There was so much that I had completely
forgotten about, but needed the information to include in our state required
. Plus being a editable PDF, no one has to know that mommy has horrible
handwriting and should be doing the handwriting program with her kids! That right
there takes this planner into triple time bonus.
I have avoided buying planners in the past because I couldn’t bring myself to spend
money on something that could only be used for one year – the Weekly Homeschool
Planner solves that issue by being
completely reusable and highly customizable.
We all utilize different systems and curriculum plans and I think the author did a
fantastic job of including those things specific to the homeschooling family while
leaving enough room for each of us to personalize the pages. If you are in the
market for an all-inclusive, customizable digital homeschool planner it’s my opinion
that you cannot go wrong with this one!
I loved the variety of page types available. I also liked that it doesn’t focus only
on homeschooling as this separate thing that happens in your life.  Because
Jolanthe is a homeschooling Mom as well, she has included things such as menus
planning, chore charts, and daily to-do lists.  
Homeschooling does not happen in a
vacuum, so it’s great that many aspects of daily life are included in the planner
This year I used my new Weekly Homeschool Planner from Homeschool Creations
and loved it! I have all of my daughter’s 3rd grade lessons planned out for the
WHOLE year except for math and Spanish. Since it is an editable pdf, I will be able
to use the same planner for years and years to come. Just think,
when my boys
reach 3rd grade, I will already have most of their lessons already planned and
! Yeah!
This planner is a homeschool mama's dream come true! I absolutely love it. It has
made my life so much more organized. I love the fact that it is the ultimate
homeschool planner but it is not just a homeschool planner. With space for meal
planning and daily to do lists, I can keep track of multiple areas of my life in one
neat space. Homeschooling moms are busy ladies, we need organization and this
planner is perfect for us!