Every Friday I host a meme on my blog called the
Preschool & 5K Corner where moms everywhere
are invited to link up and take part. We all share the
fun things our preschoolers and kindergarteners are
learning and the creative ways of teaching our little
ones. There are some amazing and talented ladies
joining up each week and sharing WONDERFUL ideas.

Preschool & 5K Corner began when I decided
to start posting the things that I was doing with my
{then} preschooler. I wanted to have a better record of
the things he was doing during the week and also have
a "quick reference" for others to follow.

For me, it is encouraging to click on the "Preschool &
5K Corner" category on my blog and read/review what
we've done during the year. As my blog visitors grew,  
I turned my weekly report into a blog carnival so that
others could participate and everyone could get great
ideas from each other!

If you'd like to learn more about the
Preschool & 5K
and how to join up, please read the guidelines
All content on this site, Homeschool Creations is copyright protected.
Please be sure to read our
Terms of Use.
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These ladies participate in the Preschool Corner.
Stop by and visit their blogs for more ideas!
1. How do I participate?

First, put together a post on your blog for The Preschool
& 5K Corner
. Tell everyone what you've been doing
during the week and post pictures if you have them! Please
be sure to include a link back to my site so that people are
able to find other bloggers that are participating in the
carnival.  Feel free to use
The Preschool & 5K Corner
graphic in your post if you would like). Then publish your
post. Once you publish, copy your permalink and head to
my site. You will find my Preschool & 5K Corner post and at
bottom will be a Linky. Add your name to the list.
use your permalink and NOT the main page of your
blog as your UR

2. When will the links and entries be posted?

Typically my posts go up on a Friday or Saturday, so be
sure to check on those days for the most recent post.

3. Be specific in your ‘title’.

Leave either your blog name or theme and provide an age
range for your activities. Something a little like this:

Police Officer Theme {ages 4-5}

4. In your post, please link back to the PreK & K
You can use a text link or even grab the button
coding from my sidebar to place the button in your post.
Having the button in your post will also help other moms
find even more great ideas to use with their children when
they are able to browse around.

I reserve the right to remove links that are not appropriate
and do not follow
the guidelines listed above.

5. Please link up posts that are ONLY PreK & K

I know that there are so many things we can share with
each other, but this linky is specifically to share preschool
fun ~ not recipes, giveaways, etc… Even after the linky
closes, other moms can go back through the links and visit
posts, but are looking for teaching/learning ideas for their
kiddos. :)

6. Can I link to Preschool & 5K Corner and another
carnival in the same post?

Yes! :) All I ask is that you be sure to link back to the
Preschool Corner as well as the other carnival. In the
interest of being fair to other linkys around the web,
would be ideal not to link up to more than 3 at a
time, to that readers don't get lost.

7. Visit others!!

When you link up each week, can you take a few minutes
and visit the person who linked up just before you and say
‘hi’ and leave a note of encouragement. It’s a fun way to
meet a few more moms and also encourage them at the
same time. This isn’t a requirement, but we all know what a
short note means when we’ve worked hard on sharing with
others. :)

8. Show and Tell Posts

By linking up, you are granting permission for me to share
your wonderful ideas and pictures with others in periodic
show-and-tell posts.

9. Please feel free to email me with any questions or if
you need more explanation of the Linky tool.

Ready to join us? You can see the most recent Preschool &
5K Corner posts simply by clicking HERE. The top post will
be the most recent one. Looking forward to having you join
up with us and sharing ideas!
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