Here are a few of our favorite Bible and character resources for
you all to browse!

Seeds Family Worship ~ We LOVE our Seeds cd's and the
mission behind the company! All of the songs are scripture put
to music and something that the entire family can enjoy! Use
coupon code HOMESCHOOLCREATIONS and take 20% off your
order! You can also download some
great printables to go along
with the albums here.

We Choose Virtues ~ cute characters, catchy phrases and a
way to inspire character building qualities in children.

Grapevine Studies ~ Stick figure your way through the Bible with
this fun program for schools and families.

Hands-on Bible ~ one of our favorite Bibles in the house. It offers
some great hands-on resources to go along with your Bible
study and reading.

Bible Story Printables ~ Val has done an AMAZING job putting
together printables to use with your Bible lessons.

Because the Awana printables followed along with the scope and
sequence of the Awana program, I was asked by Awana to
remove them for copyright reasons. Thanks for understanding!
You can find all of my
Bible Verse Printables listed by verse
reference here.
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Looking for some resources
and encouragement in
Teaching God's Word to your
children. Take a peek at this
ten post series that include
free printables and our family's
favorite helps for making
God's Word come alive!
Need some hands-on helps to
use with your kids in learning
Bible verses? Check out all of
Bible verse printables to
use with children from preschool
through elementary school.
There's a little something for
everyone {even you!}
Take your verse study a
little bit deeper using the
SOAP method to look at
the verse for the day or
week. Kids and parents
can write the Scripture
verse down, make any
Observations about the
verse, write down ways
the verse Applies to
them, and then jot down
a Prayer to go along with
that verse. The
Verse Printable includes
two pages per sheet so
you can save a little
paper too in your study!
Have your child illustrate a Bible verse they are
learning to better remember it! Click on the image
below to download a copy of this free printable!